by - September 01, 2012

The ItsyBitsy TriColor Challenge


This is the first time that I am applying for a challenge.
Finished online shopping from few days back and glad that the best of stuff at a good discount was brought.

For this challenge,The entry is named as "Colours of India"-->  tree wid tri coloured leaves was the best option. Replaced the sun, with the blue chakra look alike :)
The three colours in the same tree indicates all we indians..our unity.. that though seperated by colour we are still routed to the same base and that we are still united and will be the same for many many many more years to come.

All the stuff used here is from itsy bitsy, from the white cardstock, the quilling strips, the handmade paper and the glue :)

I hope this first challenge entry is liked.
Its a great feeling to be applying to itsybitsy blog.

And for sure know, that this has and will place a good start for learners like us.

Looking forward to know the results.


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  1. To add on, this card is completely handmade :) from the quilled tree (trunk/leaves), to the circular punches, the twirls.. didn use any readymade stuff..

    The photos aint that clear, but this is the best that i could click from my cell :-//

  2. Hi there - it's a very well done card! The quilling work is simply superb. Glad to have your entry for our challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  3. Such a pretty creation love the tri-colored tree!
    PS : Please do turn off word verification. Blogger is asking for double word verification and it is getting a bit difficult deciphering it all
    Turn off word verification but enable comment moderation to prevent spam
    Cheers from Bangalore, India

    1. Hi Sonia,

      Thank you twice..:))

      for the feedback and for reminding me to set the word verification - off.